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Our linen pouf is made of natural linen fabric with buckwheat filling - it easily adjusts to the child's shape. The pouf is designed for babies from 7-8 months (or when the child has started to sit unassisted) and will serve for many years. It can also be used as a meditation pillow for adults. The outer pillowcase can be removed for washing purposes.

Size: H 20cm, R 40cm. Weight: 3,3 kg

Made in Latvia

Remove the outer pillowcase and machine wash it 30° C. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach or use oxidizing agents. The inner pillow with buckwheat hulls should not be washed.
The outer cover is made of 100% linen fabric that can be removed. The pouf is filled with 100% buckwheat hulls which provides more comfortable seating as it adjusts to the body shape easily. The pouf will not flatten and lose its shape, therefore, it will not require refilling.

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