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Nursing pillow with buckwheat hulls

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The white linen breastfeeding pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls – 100% natural material – repeatedly refined from the hull's flour and allergen-free. The breastfeeding pillow is recommended for mothers during pregnancy, and babies during their first months of life. Hulls used in pillow comes from an organic farm in Latvia.

Size:  L62cm, W44cm, H11cm.
Weight: 2.4 kg.
Toy size: 10x9cm

Made in Latvia

Cover made of 100% linen, filling - 100% buckwheat hulls. Linen is very breathable material, highly absorbent, making it a perfect material for warmer seasons. It is also more sustainable than other materials. The buckwheat hulls within the buckwheat pillow allow constant air circulation which helps to regulate temperatura and dryness. It adjusts easily to your position, therefore, providing you or your child with the best comfort. Hulls pillows retain their shape and height at all times unlike down or polyester pillows so it will last much longer.

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