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Wool booties ECRU

CHF. 31.00


Keep those little toes warm and cozy!  Made of 100% wool, inside you will find an extra layer of wool that will provide extra warmth (which can be removed). Spacious and comfortable.

Made in Lithuania

    Only hand-wash or use wool/delicate cycle in the washing machine. For best results use liquid detergent. Do not bleach or use oxidizing agents. Air dry.
    Made of 100% wool. The primary characteristic of wool is that it is an excellent insulator. Wool can be worn in both winter and summer conditions as it has insulating properties which help to maintain steady body temperature. Wool is very durable and it repels moisture. Wool is also a renewable, sustainable fibre and can, therefore, be classified as an eco-textile. It is an environmentally-friendly, natural, recyclable material.

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