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Flower press A3

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The best way to preserve the beauty of the meadows is with a flower press. In just a few simple steps turn the flower and leaf pressing into your favorite activity. You will be able to create a beautiful collection of pressed plants - the flower press will give you the perfect way to do so and will make a great activity for adults as well as children.

Tips for pressing the flowers: Place the flowers in the press as soon as possible - before they start to wilt. Keep them out of direct sunlight. Sort your flowers by type and then place them face down into the press. By doing so, they will dry at the same rate. Make sure the flowers do not touch each other in the press. Otherwise, as they dry they will become stuck together forever.

Size: A3 (L42cm x W29.7cm x H6cm)

Made in Latvia

To assemble the press, insert a bolt into each corner of the bottom piece of the press. Layer alternate pieces of cardboard, paper and your choice of plant inside the press. The number of layers you use will depend on how many flowers you are pressing. Place the top piece of wood onto the press by threading the bolts through the holes. Add a washer to each bolt. Top with a wing nut by screwing each one down tightly, creating even pressure. For some plants you might need to change the paper more often than for others to avoid moulding. Be very careful when checking the progress of the plants as it can result in damaging your plants.
Made from 2 pieces of birch plywood which have been treated with a non-toxic, water-based finished. The pressed comes with 9 pieces of cardboard, 4 bolts, 4 washers and 4 wing nuts.

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