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Ceramic bowl 1L

CHF. 26.50

Tableware that links traditions of Latvian ceramics and Nordic minimalistic design. Simplicity and clean lines make this collection a masterpiece of timeless design. Glazed on the inside. On the outside it is left unglazed, just leveled and thoroughly polished to disclose the smoothness of the clay and to prevent it from absorbing water and dirt. Every item is packed in a recycled cardboard box.

Size: D 19cm, H 7cm (1l)

Made in Latvia

Tableware is glazed and tempered at 1000° C, therefore it is heat resistant and can be used in ovens, microwave ovens and dishwashers (avoid abrasive dishwashing detergents as they can cause wear as a result) up to 200° C. Always be careful to avoid temperature shocking ceramics from extreme cold to hot. Ceramics should be heated slowly and evenly. We recommend caution with oven use. Place the ceramic piece in a cool oven and bring up to the temperature of the oven no higher than 200° C. Never place a ceramic directly into a hot, preheated oven! The tableware is not intended for use on the stove.
The tableware is 100% handcrafted in Latvia using Latvian red clay. All production waste is used repeatedly, and we use only glazes that are lead-free, which meet and exceed EU safety standards.
A family-owned producer of tableware. Since 1980 they create beautiful and functional tableware that shows respect towards its historic production methods and design that challenges ever-changing trends. The tableware is handcrafted in Latvia by 15 experienced artisans – beginning from preparation of the clay to accurate packaging. Only time-tested techniques and methods are used that guarantee the highest quality ceramics.

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