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A classic style knitted bonnet made of 100% baby alpaca wool. Looks great on both boys and girls. Very warm, cosy and easy to wear. Great piece for colder days.

Made in Estonia

Do not machine wash. Use low heat for ironing. Do not bleach or use oxidising agents. We do not want your alpaca garments shrink to doll size, so we highly recommend washing it in lukewarm water by hand instead of washing machine using mild detergent.
Made of 100% baby alpaca - it is naturally free of lanolin and other oils found in sheep's wool. Therefore, it does not cause allergies and is super soft - a perfect material for babies and people with sensitive skin. Baby alpaca is naturally breathable and does not accumulate moisture (unlike many other fibers), and allows body moisture (perspiration) to evaporate. Wool is naturally stain resistant which means you will not have to wash the garment as often.

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