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Tea WHITE NIGHT is a mix of hand-picked herbal teas. It is made of combining the greenest and most aromatic herbs from wild Northern meadows and forests. Calming, soothing and delicious. Perfect for evenings to unwind and relax. Best enjoyed slowly.

Packed in a beautifully designed tin box that can be reused with any other tea of your choice. Filled with 25 pyramid teabags - 100% compostable - natural and eco-friendly alternative towards greener living!

Made in Latvia


100% certified organic ingredients. Contains blend of: jasmine, wild raspberry leaves, fireweed, peppermint, lady's mantle, blackcurrant leaves. 25 teabags (fully compostable); 40g.
PLŪKT was founded in 2017 in Latvia. The company creates sustainable, innovative and science-based products for well-being, joy and authentic soul. The company believes that there is a real beauty behind every herb found in their organic fields, and from sourcing tea to packaging, their actions are environmentally conscious. PLŪKT is the pioneer of introducing Nordic tea rituals around the world and inventing alternative green and black caffeine-free teas.

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