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Backpack LUND kids

CHF. 93.00

A practical, yet stylish unisex backpack is lightweight, keeps well its shape and is spacious enough to fit all that is necessary for kinder-garden or preschool, including A4 paper blocks. Its minimal design remains versatile to work with any outfit. The bag has a woven inner pocket and adjustable webbing straps.
The soft texture, yet a stiff form of industrial felt makes the product durable and helps to keep well its shape.

Size: 32 x 23 x 10cm

Made in Estonia

Industrial felt is made of synthetic water repellent fibers which makes the product easy to care for and suitable to wear in every weather condition. It is water resistant. However, avoid soaking the product when possible. To clean your product, wipe it with a lightly moist cloth or clothes brush, never use solvent. Felt products cannot be washed into the washing machine and tumble dryer.
Made from industrial felt using excess pieces from a felt factory in order to reduce the amount of industrial material that ends up in the environment - by giving new life to the discarded leftovers. Industrial felt is a durable and lightweight. The soft texture, yet the stiff form of the felt make this product very durable and well-shaped.

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