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Spruce Resin soap BEAR

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Smell the forest! The bear paw print organic soap gently purifies your skin leaving it fresh and soft. Made of natural and organic ingredients from Finnish nature. To prolong it's life, allow the soap to drain well between use and minimize direct sunlight or heat.
Packaged in an FSC-certified cardboard box.

Made in Finland

Sodium olivate (saippuoitunut oliiviöljy, salt of olive oil)***, aqua (vesi, water)*, sodium cocoate (saippuoitunut kokosöljy, salt of coconut oil), butyrospermum parkii (karietevoi, shea butter)***, cera flava (mehiläisvaha, beeswax)*, picea mariana (mustakuusiöljy, black spruce oil )**, juniperus communalis (katajanmarjaöljy, juniper berry öoil) **, D-mixed tocopherol (E-vitamiini, vitamin E) Fatty acid (oil) + base (lye) = “a salt” (soap). Finnish source *. From essential oil**. EU certified organic source***.
The product is hand made in Finland using certified organic ingredients. Local materials from Finland are used such as dried berries and beeswax to minimize carbon footprint and only recycled materials are used in the product packaging. You will not find petrochemicals, animal fat, palm oil, parabens or genetically modified ingredients in the products. The fragrance is composed with essential oils. The company believes in protecting and preserving nature so it tests the products itself, leaving animals to do what they do best - live wild and free. Every sale makes a direct contribution of 50 cents to WWF to support endangered species.

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